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【CCCIS 2022 】

2022 3rd International Conference on Computer Communication and Information Systems
  • Singapore (Virtual Conference) during December 7-9, 2022 / Sponsored by Sensors and Systems Society of Singapore

Keynote Speakers


Prof. Robert Minasian, The University of Sydney, Australia
IEEE Life Fellow, OSA Fellow, Fellow of The Royal Society of NSW

2022 Speech Title: Advances in integrated microwave photonics for signal processing and sensing


Akihiko K. Sugiyama, Yahoo! Japan Research, Japan

2022 Speech Title: History of Personal Media Terminals: From Walkman to Apple Watch


Prof. Dr. Sergei Gorlatch, University of Muenster, Germany

2022 Speech Title: Distributed Software Applications Based on Mobile Cloud and Software-Defined Networks

Invited Speaker

Prof. A. C. M. Fong, Western Michigan University, USA

2022 Speech Title: Building a Customizable Toolkit for Natural Language Processing

Excellent Presentation:

People Detection and Tracking Using Ground LiDAR
Marino Matsuba, Masafumi Hashimoto, Kazuhiko Takahashi
Presenter: Masafumi Hashimoto, Doshisha University, Japan