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Special Session: Accounting and Finance Information System

In this special session, authors can share their knowledge, best experiences, and latest research, opening up opportunities to broaden their horizons and professional networks. Discussions about the latest innovations in the design and implementation of accounting information systems, auditing, and financial analysis, as well as issues of security, fraud detection and data privacy will be at the center of attention. With a focus on integrating the latest information and financial technologies such as artificial intelligence, metaverse and cryptocurrency.
In a special conference session on Accounting and Financial Information Systems, the focus was discussed on two important aspects: the issue of financial reporting in the metaverse and the use of technology in the audit process. The issue of financial reporting in the metaverse has become a major concern in the context of recent technological developments. Session participants will gain in-depth insight into the challenges and opportunities that arise as the metaverse develops in the context of corporate financial reporting.
In addition, the discussion regarding the use of technology in audits provides a new perspective regarding how information technology can increase efficiency, accuracy and transparency in the audit process. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and blockchain can help detect potential risks, increase the reliability of audit results, and speed up the overall audit process.

■ Main Organizer of the Special Session
Name: Bambang Leo Handoko
Affiliation: Bina Nusantara University
Phone: +6289522675001
Research Areas: Accounting, Finance and Auditing
Biography: Bambang Leo Handoko, academics and practitioners in the field of accounting, specialty in Auditing. Experience as auditor in public accounting firm, internal auditor for corporation and auditor for securing vital objects of National Police Headquarters. He is an expert in financial audit, cryptocurrencies, financial technology, stock market and e-business. He has had many international publications in reputable journals and proceeding with high index from many citation and acknowledgement from international researchers. He had won a lot of research grant from institution and government. Currently work as Subject Content Coordinator Auditing in Accounting Department, School of Accounting, Bina Nusantara University of Indonesia. He also technical committee in many reputable journal and conference. He is also professional member of world class reputable research organization, Association of Computer Machinery (ACM).

■ If you are interested in this Special Session, welcome to submit your papers or only deliver a speech to share your research.

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  • Call for Special Session


  • CCCIS2025 solicits proposals for special sessions within the technical scope of the conference. Special sessions supplement the regular program of the conference and provide a sample of the state-of-the-art research in both academia and industry in special, novel, challenging, and emerging topics.

  • Brief report on past editions of the special session, if any, including the number of submitted and accepted papers, the number of attendees, etc. Papers submitted to special sessions will have to be evaluated and peer-reviewed along the very same criteria of the regular sessions. Please provide all the information requested when preparing your special-session proposal before submitting it.

    Proposals should include the following information:
    ● Title;
    ● Name(s) of organizer(s);
    ● Email of main contact person;
    ● Brief bio(s) of organizer(s);
    ● Brief description;
    ● Related topics;
    ● Potential participants;
    ● A draft of the CFP;
    ● Description of publicity and promotion plan;

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